REMAIIN at Sonic City 2022

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Sonic City Festival is an alternative 3-day music fest in Kortrijk, Belgium where eclecticism is key and discovery is imminent. The Sonic City concept is clear and simple : a curator/more curators is/are appointed and gets all the artistic freedom to select and handpick the line-up. The upcoming edition (2022) will be curated by Low, Gilla Band and Black Country, New Road.

It is organized by REMAIIN’s Belgian partner organization Wilde Westen.

The goal of the festival is to treat those music lovers that surf right beneath the mainstream to a weekend where discovery, mix-ups and musical eclecticism are key. Sonic City is a place where small, emerging bands share the stage with bigger ones, where genres and subgenres melt together into one coherent entity. And this exactly is what makes Sonic City special: it’s not a rock festival, it’s not a free jazz festival, it’s not an electronic festival. But it could very well be. By selecting the right curator – a band, an artist, a DJ with a clear open-mindedness towards musical diversity – Sonic City can be anything. But above all, the festival exhibits the vision of the curator(s) on the contemporary music scene.

The 2022 edition of Sonic City features the following REMAIIN-related performances:

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