Music as a virus

Reflecting on artists and collaborators who have passed away since the start of the Coronavirus crisis, writer, educator and musician David Toop explores how the transmission of music between disparate cultures can be a tool against populism and prejudice.

Proudly Disengaged

Improvising guitarist, composer and educator Joe Morris considers the non-western musical influences on his playing and on the field of “creative” and improvised music in general.

Announcement of open call results postponed due to global pandemic

In March, REMAIIN announced an open call for musical proposals that deal with or incorporate non-western influences in experimental and new music. Deadline for submission was April 15, Wednesday.

However, since the global pandemic of the coronavirus has, for the time being, made the organization of concerts impossible, the results will not be announced yet.

We kindly ask the participants of the open call, as well as followers of the project, to be patient, and follow the information on this website and our social media until the global situation is clear enough and we can announce the first list of the artists of REMAIIN.