João Pais Filipe + Manongo Mujica (PT/PE)

Marking the end of a residency in Barreiro, promoted under the project REMAIIN, this project bridges Portugal and Peru via percussion. On one side, Manongo Mujica’s accumulated wisdom throughout decades of pioneering since the late 60’s, first with the psych rock of Los Mad’s and afterwards leading the jazz fusion band Perujazz. A scouting spirit with deep research and focus on percussion, traditional Peruvian music, music and theatre composition and electronics, Mujica continues his unshakable trajectory, be it solo or through a collaborative process whose work has been well documented these past few years by the always attentive Buh Records. A shared mindset with João Pais Filipe, who has been widely recognized as one of the most fascinating musicians working here. Drummer, percussionist and gong builder, his solo work, with Burnt Friedman or CZN all reveal a pan-global vision that absorbs different rhythmic lineages from all sorts of latitudes and lines them up in mantras of dance and hypnosis.

This performance took place on October 5 in Barreiro as part of OUT.FEST 2021.