Listen to two REMAIIN concerts from OUT.FEST

OUT.RA’s 33rd monthly show at Lisbon-based community radio Rádio Quântica was dedicated to REMAIIN, featuring two concerts from the 2021 edition of the OUT.FEST festival in Barreiro, Portugal: The first, entitled “Antipodal Polyphony”, was presented at AMAC by hungarian artist Bálint Szabó, aka Gosheven, whose music is based around tuning systems that sit outside the parameters of the western canon, like just intonation, as a way to break free from western hegemony, raising questions around the dilemma of cultural appropriation from a conscious point of view. Here he explored the tuning system of the ‘Are’are flute from the Solomon Islands, producing a heartfelt homage to that vanishing culture. The second consists of three pieces from the “Occam Ocean” series by the great Éliane Radigue, works focused on the unique possibilities of specific acoustic instruments and here performed by frequent collaborators Julia Eckhardt and Enrico Malatesta at the Santa Maria Church: ‘Occam IV’ (viola solo by Eckhardt), ‘Occam XXVI’ (percussion solo by Malatesta) and, in a world premiere, ‘Occam River XXV’ for viola and percussion.