Photo report: REMAIIN at Kontraklang: BILD/RAUM/MUSIK

On June 22, in collaboration with singuhr – projekte and REMAIIN, KONTRAKLANG presented music by Rolf Julius and Miki Yui in the series’ first live concert of the year 2021. Julius, who died in 2011, is considered a pioneer of sound art and, in addition to spatial concepts in his installative work, was also increasingly invested in graphic notation in connection with performative contexts. This has resulted in pieces that are often modular in structure and allow the musicians a great deal of creative freedom, while at the same time also thinking about the performance space and thus musically entering into a reciprocal dialogue. The composer and multidisciplinary artist Miki Yui returns to the Parochialkirche for this concert – here, on the initiative of singuhr, she collaborated with Rolf Julius for the first time, marking the starting point of a longstanding, intensive exchange.

Cellist Michael Moser plays Mikrostrukturelle Musik (2005) from a transparent music stand. The audience is thus able to see at any time the score consisting of large, differently shaded dots, from which the performer lets the various layers of music emerge live. Songbook 1 – 6 (2003/04) works similarly: twelve songbooks lie on a long table in front of the performers. The Maulwerker ensemble take the books in their hands, leaf through them, find a situation and transpose it sonically somewhere in the room. In this way, simultaneous performances overlap in alternating densities as the piece unfolds. Miki Yui often works with field recordings and questions performance spaces for their own individual sound. At KONTRAKLANG she presents the world premiere of her solo eben, which was created especially for the occasion.


  • Rolf Julius: musik, weiter entfernt (1999/2021)
    Klanginstallation, ab 19:30
  • Rolf Julius: Mikrostrukturelle Musik (2005)
    für Violoncello
  • Rolf Julius: Songbook 1-6 (2003/2004)
  • Miki Yui: eben (2021, UA)


  • Michael Moser – Violoncello
  • Miki Yui – Elektronik
  • Maulwerker
  • Ariane Jessulat
  • Henrik Kairies
  • Christian Kesten
  • Alexey Kokhanov
  • Katarina Rasinski
  • Steffi Weismann
  • Volker Straebel – Konzeption und Einstudierung Songbook 1-6