Jessica Ekomane (FR/DE)

Born in France and based in Berlin, Jessica Ekomane’s work covers the ground from installation and sound art to quadraphonic performance. Her music seeks a physical effect through the interplay of psychoacoustics, rhythmic structures and melody projecting a collective auditory hallucination. Part of the highly regarded SHAPE Platform in 2019, Ekomane released her debut album – Multivocal – that same year through Important Records. A possible stereo portrayal of a quadraphonic installation presented at Ars Electronica in 2018 that slowly develops itself through rhythmic patterns and phasing.

Ekomane’s performance took place on October 8th in Barreiro as part of the OUT.FEST. In the words of the curators of the festival: „A dignified heir to the legacy of minimalism – we could suggest Steve Reich’s phase music, but Ekomane’s essence is pretty much more frugal and all her own – that still opens gateways to that heritage.”